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Best Bling Advise


Always check out the Bling gallery

Check out our extensive phot0 gallery to get a good vision of what you would like your car to look like. . this will give you an idea of what to look for in our online database. most of the parts show a close up installed look. Your on your way to chosing the right bling for your ride.

tip 2

Look through our online parts

Visit our blink list on our website. select the your model and scroll though all the parst that we have available for your model. if you don't see what you are looking for do not hesatate to give us a call . Thats what makes us diffrent we are always there to help you with your parts questions .


tip 3

visit our install your bling viideo page

click on visit our install your blink link above and view the video that is pertantant to your instaltion requirements. Most of our custom accessories are very easy to install almost anyone can do it . But with some of the more involved instalations you may need help. that is why we have the bling instaltion page. with video and information to help make your installation a snap.

tip 4

inspect your parts

When you recieve your parts open the box right away and make sure that they have not been damaged in shipping. Save all the paper work especially the instaltion instructions. Remove the parts and prepare for the instalation. We are always here to help in any way we can. so Enjoy the easy instaltion and most of all enjoy showing off your new bling! take pics and send them to us for our bling gallery!




fOLLOW OUR INSTAllation instructions that come with the part you ordered. Before you order check out our online video instaltions for more complacated parts like running boards

THERE ARE A LOT OF REASONS our KIA Sorento running boards are the best. qUAILY MATERIAL THAT you can paint which giveS you A MORE PERSONALIZED LOOK for your sorento.



we stand behinD all of our products with great service and suport. we have superior return policies on all of our parts. your satifaction is guaranteed!.

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