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Custom Kia Accessories for Sale

Difference Between Stock & Custom

that Plain old stock look just does not cut it !

You want your ride to be special and unique not a cookie cutter car that everyone drives. Spice up your ride to make it uniquely hot and cool distinctly you. Removing that manufacturs logo and or adding custom grills make it hard to tell what kiind of ride you are sporting when you are out. Is that a lexus or some kind of hot new custom they all will ask and only you will know for sure.our Stylish chrome accessories will add the right sophisticated look to your vehicile enhancing your road presents to the maximum. Our running boards are exceptional when it comes to enhancing your serento especially because they can be painted to add that special highlighted color to your ride. In conclusion if you are as serious as we are about looking good on the road then you are in the right place my friend. From bumper to bumper and everything in between we have the right bling.

we try to anwser any and all of our customers questions and concerns. we are always open to sugestions on our add your tips and tricks for acceassories. what accessories should you be considering for your model? we have sugestions as well as combo kit looks to take the guessing out of the look you are after.

Installation Services

We will install your bling for you

we have over 10 years of experienced installing custom accesories. Most of our more diffacult accessories we have in our video installation page.But if you are local and need and installation help we would be more than glad to professionally install you bling for you. we do not do any painting but we can reccomend one of our accessorie partners that can paint your running boards..

One of our custom Kia accessories for sale
running boards

One of the most asked for accessories for the kia sorento. we pride ourselves on quailty and our selection of sorento running boards shows it. Years and models vary so we want to make sure the part you select will work on your sorento model.We hope to have a picture of every model and year in out gallery so you can get an idea of what your sorento will look like after you select and install a set of running boards.

Lifetime warranty service

we have painted seveal sets of these running boards to offer evan more custom options for your sorento. See out installation tip page for more on installation. these running boards are very rugged and stylish.this Combined with ther right aftermarket bling you will have the sportiest serento around. don't forget to check out our combo deals.coming soon sorento bling!

kia bling offers Custom accessories at a discount price. call for information on something your do not see or need more info on. if your in the middele of installation and need help don't hesitate to call us.


1 year on our bling

quaility goes into all of our parts we sell.we have a very low return rate due to our bling inspector who inspects all parts that we ship. so you can buyu with confidence !:


We carry several styles of grills for your kia we have a selection guilde as well as installation instructions and videos to come These grills do enhance the look of your kia. .

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